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Release Notes

This page is a log of Wetomo releases, install dates and feature sets. The information shown on this page is of deep technical matter and suited for Wed Admins only.


  • Wetomo now supports multiple parallel windows. With this feature users can open multiple pages in parallel  and switch between them without loosing the context on the particular sites or reloading the pages. Check out the ‘Windows’ item in Wetomo’s navigation menu to explore this functionality.


  • Wetomo now allows definition of sections to be displayed within a page and navigation between these sections. Using sections significantly improves the navigation abilities on larger pages. For more information about how to define sections please refer to the developer’s guide.
  • support for injection of publisher specific ads improved and more ad networks added. The system now supports the following  mobile ad networks: admob, mygamma, google and texo/mobpartner. For details please refer to the developer’s guide.


  • Wetomo now supports auto-detection of device parameters, such as device display size and deck size. The user can still modify these parameters using the MySettings page.
  • image type conversions added for the cases where the source image type is not supported by the requesting device.


  • support for character-set gb2312 added
  • link anchor names are now explicitly removed since they may link to a different sub page and as such cause problems
  • additional sites listed in the directory of suggested sites
  • url encoding problem fixed for CSS retrieval


  • improved support for the <meta http-equiv=”REFRESH” tag
  • support of HTTP location responses for images
  • wetomo can now be invoked using wtm_i and wtm_d parameters that overwrite the default image size and deck size settings


  • The cookie check as per v090224 wasn’t sufficient, since there were still lots of links presented on the page if the device does not support cookies. That resulted in some rogue robots spamming the service. Now the response page in case the cookie test fails only contains an error message and no further link. This is not the most user-friendly approach, but it stops the rouge robots that disguise as mobile devices.


  • added check for cookie support by device and/or operator. Wetomo does not work properly if cookies are not supported by the mobile device.
  • support for a directory of suggested sites, see ‘MySites’ link.
  • support of reload operation via <meta http-equiv=”REFRESH” tag in addition to the Location info in the HTTP header
  • some fuzzy logic to fix typos in ‘http://’ prefix.
  • an image caching problem has been fixed where previously retrieved and resized images were not displayed any more.


  • ‘no title’ for startup page fixed
  • images with blanks ‘ ‘ in their URL are now properly retrieved
  • extended timeout to cater for slow responding sites, now set to 10 sec


  • Wetomo has a new home with more computing power and bandwidth


  • support for tag wtm_ad and tag attribute wtm_skip added
  • detection of preferred CSS using media=”handheld” added
  • encoding problem for European umlauts fixed


  • Initial release, now out of alpha stage

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